1. Cut out of the Die’sire Square accordion die shapes from white card stock four times, cutting away the middle section of each.
  2. Emboss all four with the xcut gilt Square frame.
  3. Use silver gilding wax on all embossed cut outs. Cut the tonic floral heart, outline, twice from red glitter card stock. Then cut the same outline along with the centre detailed die from red holographic card, twice. Glue the detailed holographic cutouts to each red glitter background.
  4. To complete the first half of this keepsake, Cut some white thread and centre it in the middle of one of the joined hearts with double sided tape, and glue another joined heart, aligning them carefully. Position both ends of the white thread to the inside of two of the main diesire cutouts, making sure to stretch the thread and align everything centrally, also leaving the tabs of the main cutout that they will be in position with the next diesire cutouts to join together.
  5. With the first half of this swinging keepsake complete, lets create the centre for the next half. Cut another red holographic Tonic Rococo Floral heart, Next print Be my Valentine on a laser printer on white card stock and foil with some red foil using a minc machine(or other foiling machine) after foiling, cut away the outline using the outline from the tonic heart set. Attach a piece of white string to the centre of the printed foiled heart with double sided tape and glue the other side of the heart to it which has also been attached to a white background heart) Stretch the string and attach centrally to the remaining diesire square cutouts. Before completely gluing the two diesire pieces together, position, align and glue the previous diesire tabs to the inside of these two. For completeness these two pieces will also have two tabs and you can tuck and glue these tabs, or cut them away.