With so many paper packs to choose from, you are really spoilt for choice! Here Margaret shows us how she created this delightful birthday card using the Floral Muse paper pack from Dovecraft which is available here: http://www.hobbybase.co.uk/floral-muse-6x6-fsc-paper-pack.html


Floral Muse 6" paper, 1 x 7"card blank, ribbon, sentiment, wet glue, tape runner, embossing folder, 3D foam for mounting.
1. 2 x 1" strips of Floral Muse [ 1st. Colour, I used floral]
   2 x 1" strips of Floral Muse [ 2nd Colour, I used pink pattern]
   2 x 1" strips of Floral Muse [ 3rd Colour, I used music pattern]
   1 x 1" strip of CONTRAST [ I used pink]
Cut or punch into 1" squares
2. Cut the following sizes:-
  1 x 5" square light weight card [to mount your squares upon]
1 x 5.1/4" CONTRAST square. 1 x 5.1/2"square [ 1st. Colour ], 1x 5.5/8" square [cream card], 1 x 5.7/8" [1st. Colour] 1 x 6/8" [Contrast], 1 x 6.6/8"
{cream base card].

  1. Use the 5" light card as a template to stick your 1" squares onto, use a tape runner, follow 1st photo for layout.
  2. Using your tape runner align and mount the layering squares. If you don't think they will all go through the embosser leave the last 2 layers and emboss separately then mount as normal.
  3. Emboss the largest square separately, stick with wet glue to card base.
  4. Use mounting tape to mount your embossed quilted square to card base. Embellish with a bow and sentiment of your choice. Cut a 6.6/8" infill for Centre of card.