1. Using this template I cut out the card/paper I wanted to use. The main template can be cut using a regular sized A4 card and then I used the Love Story pad for the decorative parts
  2. Cut and score the card in the relevant places as marked on the template
  3. Using double sided tape attach the decorative card/paper to the main card, leaving one of the long cards. Stick double sided tape on the tab seen on the left hand side of the card. Fold the card so the tab sticks to the inside of the long piece so it makes a box. Take off half of the tape on the last long piece and starting from the top, stick it down so it covers over the tab so you can’t see the join.
  4. Fold and stick the long piece of card to the inside of the box. I used another piece of paper from the Love Book pad and cut out a few of the love sayings and stuck them on the flaps and back piece.
  5. This is the where the fun begins. Using thin pieces of acetate, cut out your embellishments and using double sided tape, attach the end of the acetate to the card in the middle. Keep the embellishments within the card perimeter as the card flattens so it can fit into an envelope and be sent to your loved one