1. Print out the background from essentials backgrounds, resize it to be roughly 7x5 inches, and cut that out.
  2. Using the tattered lace delicate detail magical sparkle die cut it out from the background in various places that will be seen later, going off the page for extra effect. Then place the background onto a 7x5 card.
  3. Die cut out two heart shapes of slightly different sizes from white card stock and set to one side.
  4. Die cut the xcut mini unicorn and the D-Lites fairy Cali die from black card stock.
  5. Align the two heart shapes as you would want them to appear on your card, and with low-tac tape secure the two hearts together temporarily. Using the tattered lace mystical die, die cut over both hearts at once so it overlaps.
  6. Carefully position the hearts into your card (and remove the tape.
  7. Select a suitable sentiment stamp and using an embossing ink pad, stamp it out and sprinkle with silver embossing powder, followed by heating it to set, Make sure you use an anti-static bag before printing for best results.
  8. Next place the fairy and unicorn in position on the card. Add a few gems around for a more mystical effect.