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Fancy Fold Star Card

10/12/2018 11:50

  1. Cut some 6x6” card pieces sheet to make your stars.
  2. Fold your 6x6” piece in half and then half again to make score lines.
  3. Unfold your card and then fold the corners into the centre.
  4. Cut half way up the visible score lines from the outside edge, in the centre of each triangular folded piece.
  5. Fold away from the cuts to the corners, creating your star points.
  6. Repeat with a second piece of the same 6x6” card.
  7. Stick down the folds on the back of the stars using double sided tape or a similar adhesive.
  8. Stick your stars together, letting the points of the one at the back show through the gaps between the points in the one at the front, using double sided tape or your preferred adhesive.
  9. Cut out a snowglobe design from the paper pack. You can use “fussy cutting” to roughly cut it out and then tidy it up once you have it off of the pack. This will create your topper.
  10. Stick the topper on top of your stars in the centre.
  11. Cut out another 6x6” piece from the paper pack to use as your background. Trim the edges afterwards slightly to allow the card blank to show as a border.
  12. Stick your background piece to the white card blank.
  13. Stick your star to the background piece on your card, making sure that your topper is the right way up and that the star doesn’t overhang the bottom of the card (it can however overhang the sides or top if you would like).
  14. Find a suitable sentiment in the paper pack and cut it out to use as a final touch.
  15. Stick your sentiment to the card.
Posted in Tips & Techniques Blog By Sophie Marsden

Have you seen our new range of craft stamps? We’ve called the range Krafty Panda and are working exclusively with a great UK based illustrator by the name of Rachel. We recently caught up with her to ask if she wouldn’t mind us sharing a bit more about what she does and she was more than happy. Here’s what she had to say:

What’s your full name? Rachel Cunningham

 Your age? 27

 Where are you based? Manchester, UK

 Job title? Freelance Illustrator

How long have you been designing for? Since graduating from University in 2011!

What do you love most about your job? I love the freedom that comes with freelancing; the ability to work within my own creative space and to work on projects that I enjoy. 

 Talk us through the new Krafty Panda range you’ve designed for Hobbybase… It’s no surprise that with Valentine’s Day coming up one of the stamp sets has a Valentine’s theme. You can find all the classic lovey-dovey designs, with love hearts, flowers and romantic messages. 

We’ve also got some of my favourites in the new range; the Bumble Bee and Dragon stamp sets. With bumble bees being Manchester’s own mascot, I hope I’ve done my home city justice and managed to capture their cuteness in this stamp collection.

Dragons and unicorns are always a pleasure to draw, and full of interesting design possibilities. I had a great time designing these and there’ll be plenty more variations to come in future sets! 

Tell us about your inspiration for these initial designs… The inspiration for most of my designs comes from books, games, toys and from my favourite animals and creatures. I’m also inspired by other talented illustrators and I love being able to contribute to the wonderful variations of artwork that are being created every day. 

There’s a few designs waiting in the wings for Krafty Panda. What can people expect to see? Easter is hot on our heels so expect to see some adorable rabbit and egg-themed stamps coming your way!

There’s also more fantasy-themed stamps coming, with fairies and monsters and even creatures from space.

Social media links

You can follow my work on Facebook at:


Posted in Tips & Techniques Blog By Krafty Panda

An Intro to Chameleon Pens

29/08/2017 15:05

Have you tried these amazing alcohol marker pens from Chameleon yet? Get the perfect blend every time in this article written by Margaret Brown...

I have used alcohol pens for many years and there is no right or wrong ways to colour with them everyone finds a way that is comfortable and works for them. So when I tried CHAMELEON PENS for the first time I played around until I became accustomed to the way they worked.

Each pen comes with a unit of blending alcohol which clicks together with the marker for easy storage, this fluid is used to infuse your pen nib which dilutes the ink giving you a graded colour. When the grading runs out and the natural colour of the pen shows then you infuse again.

At first I found it easier just to infuse for a count of 10-25-35 seconds and on a scrap card use the pen till it ran out of blender this way I could tell how long to infuse to get the desired results on my image. It wasn't long before I got used to the infusion and found it very easy to complete my image with just 2 pens. I used blue and green to work on my stamped Indigoblu ROSE BLUSH image which I stamped and embossed in silver and completed the colouring in just 20 minutes.

Finishing off with with a smooch of green and blue ink with sponges, I then matted and layered and added a sentiment embossed in silver and a toning infill. A very easy card to put together. I hope this encourages everyone to try these pens, the bonus is you don't need dozens to get a result and they are ideal for travelling or craft workshops.

After playing with them on different card stock I found they dried much better on a porous card the one I used was Sheena Stamping Card. I did try the pens on a gloss card but found the drying took a lot longer and it also tended to smudge because of the gloss finish of the card.


Nature Tones 5 Pen Set


22 Chameleon Pen Set


Rose Blush A6 Stamp


Solar White Neenah Card


Memento Ink Pad Set


"Hello everyone my name is Margaret but my crafting friends and friends call me MaggieB.  I live in the North East and have been paper crafting for over 30 years. I have dabbled with many different mediums, I love die cutting, stamping and inking, alcohol colouring, water colouring, cd crafting, calligraphy and brush lettering to name but a few. Over the years I have supplied many shops and post offices with my cards and also taught crafting. I now prefer a quieter life and make cards for my regular customers, family and friends. My craft space is never empty there is always a pile of to do cards to get started on, each one being so different from the last."


Posted in Tips & Techniques Blog By Margaret Brown

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