1. Take cardstock and score @ 1 cm, 2 ½ cm, 18 ½ cm, 20 cm, one sheet only at this moment in time. This will create the shadowbox.
  2. Next, take a Distress Oxide ink (any colour, it’s random) and ink up the mini blending pad. Swoosh on your glass (blends the colour better than just adding straight to cardstock) then apply to your cardstock. Fill the sheet with all the colours.
  3. Next, take your water spray and drop random drops over your cardstock. Remember, Oxides are water reactive. Heat set with your heat gun. Add more water droplets as necessary, until you are happy. Remember to heat set.
  4. Now, score your decorated cardstock @ 1cm, 2 ½ cm, 18 ½ cm, 20 cm. Then die cut the middle, keeping the die cut middle piece.
  5. With the die cut middle piece, place the hot foil, grey side to cardstock and place in your heated hot foil machine. When it has heated, take the whole thing and run through your die cutting machine. Remove from press and remove the excess foil. Put the hot foiled die cut piece to one side.
  6. Take your 2 pieces of cardstock and affix together. Take your hot foiled die cut piece and affix to the inside of the cardstock, lining up with the front for placement.