1. Cut out your moon shapes (these can be fairly rough circles) and stick them onto the card
  2. Cut out a ledge shape from a piece of coloured card and stick it to the black card blank (if it overhangs don't worry, just trim it after sticking it on) This can also overlap one of the moons to create a layered effect if you like.
  3. Stamp your dragon onto the card, with the feet on the ledge and the body on the black background.
  4. Using one colour of the 3D Pearl Effect Paint Pen, colour in your dragon's body, avoiding the eye, belly, spikes and wings.
  5. Using another 3D Pearl Effect colour, colour in the belly (leaving a gap between each segment), the spikes and the wings.
  6. Using any colour of 3D Pearl Effect, place some drops to make stars.
  7. Finally stamp a sentiment into the bottom corner.