1.  Take a sheet of 160gsm A4 cardstock and on the long side score @ 5 ½” and 11” –discard the excess.
  2. Step 2: Rotate the cardstock 90 degrees counter clockwise and score @ 4” and 8” (keep the excess for now)
  3.  Discard the top right hand corner.Fold the top left behind the bottom left.
  4. Fold the bottom right over the bottom left – this will be the front of the card and you can decorate it at this stage.
  5. Place your stamp where you want it to go, then take your rectangle die and place over the top. Remove the stamp and put the cardstock with die through your die cutting machine. Discard the middle.
  6. Place your stamp in the cut out rectangle and put the whole thing in your stamp platform, making sure the stamp is as straight as possible for the animation technique to work, and stamp your image.
  7. Open up the front and take a ruler and make a dot lining up the top edge of the cut out rectangle and the bottom edge on the fold line. Make a slit with a craft knife inbetween these two points.
  8. Take an animation grid and trim 2cm from the bottom. The grid has a wider clear side, make this your slider pull.
  9. Place your grid over the stamped image and line up with the two black dots you made for the slit. Trim in from there (top and bottom) approximately 3 black lines. This gives enough for the animation to work and not pop out at the other side.
  10. Before affixing together, take a circle punch or small circle die and punch a semi-circle to create the finger pull. Then add the animation grid. Affix the side with the excess with dst and pritt stick and fold behind. Finally, stamp your sentiment on the inside.