1.  Take a 12 x 12 sheet of patterned cardstock and trim to 5” x 12”, discard the rest.
  2. Score on the long side at 1”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 9” and 11”. This will create the free standing base. Put to one side.
  3. Die cut 2 squares, 1 matting layer and 1 to stamp image onto.
  4. Take stamp and place in stamp platform. Ink up using distress ink pens and colour stamp image, one colour at a time. Lightly spritz with water and stamp image. Apply second colour, spritz again and stamp image
  5. Affix stamped image to matting layer and put to one side. Die cut 2 circles for pull.
  6. Affix together and then score in half and affix to mat/stamped layer at the top. Punch a hole through all of these.
  7. Cut some embroidery floss or string to create the pull tag.
  8. Take your mat/stamped layer and scored, patterned cardstock and place at the 6” score line. Make 2 dots where the mat layer is and cut a slit. Make sure your mat layer fits through.
  9. Take your patterned cardstock and fold to make the free standing base. The 1” and 11” should meet and these will be affixed. Position your mat/stamped layer between  the 1” and 11” piece and affix all together.
  10. Add the sentiment and your free standing pop-up card is complete. It will fold flat for posting.