1. Cut 2 pieces of cardstock to 20cm x 20cm. One forms the base, and one the lid.
  2. Using the Adorable Scoreboard, score 2cm in from each edge of the card on both the lid and base.
  3. Cut small wedges into each corner to create 4 tabs in the corner of both sheets.
  4. Put one sheet aside to use as the lid. Add red liner tape to the tabs on the base and then fold along the score lines, sticking the corners together as you work around the cardstock.
  5. Take a frame die (6inch square is ideal), we used the Ice Flower Frame here, tape it in the centre of the lid and cut the aperture. Keep the die cut to one side, you'll need this in a bit!
  6. Using red liner tape, stick a piece of 15cm square actetate (we using a lovely snowfall printed one here) to the inside of the frame. Apply tape to the tabs as you did with the base. Fold and stick the corners.
  7. Cut four x 10.8cm squares from mirror card and score in 1.5cm using the scoreboard as before. Tape and stick all the corners to form four individual small boxes.
  8. Take the frame die cut from earlier and stick into the square acetate aperture. Die cut a sentiment to fit the front window and and an embellishment for the corner, all applied with cosmic shimmer acrylic glue.
  9. Place all four boxes into the base of the box, fill with your favourite treats and place the lid on top.