1. Cut some 6x6” card pieces sheet to make your stars.
  2. Fold your 6x6” piece in half and then half again to make score lines.
  3. Unfold your card and then fold the corners into the centre.
  4. Cut half way up the visible score lines from the outside edge, in the centre of each triangular folded piece.
  5. Fold away from the cuts to the corners, creating your star points.
  6. Repeat with a second piece of the same 6x6” card.
  7. Stick down the folds on the back of the stars using double sided tape or a similar adhesive.
  8. Stick your stars together, letting the points of the one at the back show through the gaps between the points in the one at the front, using double sided tape or your preferred adhesive.
  9. Cut out a snowglobe design from the paper pack. You can use “fussy cutting” to roughly cut it out and then tidy it up once you have it off of the pack. This will create your topper.
  10. Stick the topper on top of your stars in the centre.
  11. Cut out another 6x6” piece from the paper pack to use as your background. Trim the edges afterwards slightly to allow the card blank to show as a border.
  12. Stick your background piece to the white card blank.
  13. Stick your star to the background piece on your card, making sure that your topper is the right way up and that the star doesn’t overhang the bottom of the card (it can however overhang the sides or top if you would like).
  14. Find a suitable sentiment in the paper pack and cut it out to use as a final touch.
  15. Stick your sentiment to the card.