1. Die cut the DAD letters out of the corner of your 12cm x 12cm kraft cardstock. Remember to keep the middle parts of the letters safe as you'll need these in the next step.
  2. Stick the kraft cardstock (at an angle) onto 13cm x 13cm black cardstock using a tape runner adhesive. Stick the middle parts on the letters onto the card.
  3. Using the tape runner again, stick the two blue strips onto the kraft card.
  4. Now, take your campervan stamp and stamp the image in black ink onto kraft card. Carefully cut around the image with scissors.
  5. Glue the stamped image onto the pop-em, and then ink the edges using your black ink pad.
  6. Finally, glue the pop-em onto the front of the card, and then mount onto your choice of 15cm square card blank.

Check out our video on our youtube channel on how to make this project!