Discover how you can blend alcohol markers like the top crafters do. Angela Dodson explains how to get the most from your pens and how to create the perfect blend.

Your best friend is the blender pen, that's the clear pen, often marked 00, it will really help you blend and of course the best results are on smooth card. For each colour you ideally need to be using 2 or 3 shades and when the markers go on they are usually darker til they dry.

The first thing i usually do is test the pens on different cards to see what it looks like and if too much bleeds through other side as you want most of the ink to sit on the top of the card so it can be moved and blended rather than being soaked in.

I would usually start with the face on a character stamp, colour the whole face with the lightest shade, then add a slightly darker shade around the inside edge, then go over with the blender pen, it may give a patchy or mottled look at first but then you carry on going over with the lighter pen and maybe back with the darker or medium shade, just keep working until you're happy, then let it dry. Work all the areas the same way using 2 or 3 shades of each colour. If you don't have enough shades then you can cheat by letting the first lot of 2 colours work dry, then go in again and it will layer the colour over and darken it to give you that extra shade.

If you go over the edges of an image, then the blender pen can be used to disolve or dilute the colour away, It's usual to outline your stamped coloured images with a light grey marker (and ground it if it looks to be floating) and that will also help the image pop a bit more. Also the light grey marker can be used to add shade to your colours if you use it after your colouring has dried.

Again any issues can often be solved by the blender pen, it helps dilute if there's too much colour and helps colours move together to blend.

Because you can end up working and working with the pens it is always best to use a good card or it can cause bobbling or pilling on different textured card - it's best to use super smooth card.


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