Have you seen our new range of craft stamps? We’ve called the range Krafty Panda and are working exclusively with a great UK based illustrator by the name of Rachel. We recently caught up with her to ask if she wouldn’t mind us sharing a bit more about what she does and she was more than happy. Here’s what she had to say:

What’s your full name? Rachel Cunningham

 Your age? 27

 Where are you based? Manchester, UK

 Job title? Freelance Illustrator

How long have you been designing for? Since graduating from University in 2011!

What do you love most about your job? I love the freedom that comes with freelancing; the ability to work within my own creative space and to work on projects that I enjoy. 

 Talk us through the new Krafty Panda range you’ve designed for Hobbybase… It’s no surprise that with Valentine’s Day coming up one of the stamp sets has a Valentine’s theme. You can find all the classic lovey-dovey designs, with love hearts, flowers and romantic messages. 

We’ve also got some of my favourites in the new range; the Bumble Bee and Dragon stamp sets. With bumble bees being Manchester’s own mascot, I hope I’ve done my home city justice and managed to capture their cuteness in this stamp collection.

Dragons and unicorns are always a pleasure to draw, and full of interesting design possibilities. I had a great time designing these and there’ll be plenty more variations to come in future sets! 

Tell us about your inspiration for these initial designs… The inspiration for most of my designs comes from books, games, toys and from my favourite animals and creatures. I’m also inspired by other talented illustrators and I love being able to contribute to the wonderful variations of artwork that are being created every day. 

There’s a few designs waiting in the wings for Krafty Panda. What can people expect to see? Easter is hot on our heels so expect to see some adorable rabbit and egg-themed stamps coming your way!

There’s also more fantasy-themed stamps coming, with fairies and monsters and even creatures from space.

Social media links

You can follow my work on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/rachelchamart