Perga Liner Pencils Set-21452-Pergamano

Perga Liner Pencils Set

DFB123 21452

By Pergamano

£ 25.99
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  • 20 Water Colour Pencils
  • 16 Basic Pencils

The perga liners consist of a series of water colour pencils (A) and a series of basic pencils (B). For the wet technique, also called water colour technique, you first use the B-pencils and subsequently apply the colour of the A-pencils to the parchment papaer using a damp brush. For the dry technique you exclusively use the B-pencils. Advice: For the sharpening of the perga liners use a special sharpener made for colouring pencils, for instance the Bruynzeel Color Express. This sharpener is available at the better craft shops. In addition you will find a convenient overview of all colours and matching codes inside this box. These codes are mentioned in the work descriptions. The box of perga liners consists of 20 water colour pencils and 16 basic pencils.

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